We do not have any active job openings at the moment, but -

We are currently in growth mode and always have our eye out for creative, talented people who love what they do and are excited about what we're doing. Positions where we anticipate growth in the near future include:


iPhone Programmer - Our iPhone programmers have a minimum of 5 years programming experience, with a minimum of 1 year doing complex custom app development on the iPhone

Android Programmer - a minimum of 5 years programming experience, with a minimum of 1 year doing complex app develop on Android smartphones and experience versioning apps originally created for iPhone

Server-side Programmer - a minimum of 5 years experience developing content authoring and content and user management systems, with a minimum of 1 year experience creating server-side apps that interact with iPhone/Android apps on a smartphone. 

Testers - experience conducting systematic QA testing. Able to test voice-centric app on an iPhone.


Experience Flash Character Animator - experience working in a production environment, with demonstrated ability to do character rigging, lip-synching, and animation in the style of our series "The Newcomers".

Interactive Scriptwriter - demonstrated ability to write scripts for complex branching conversations. Excellent creative writing skills and English grammar combined with a love of puzzle solving and logic problems. Experience teaching ESL and or experience writing scripts for branching games a plus.

Voice actors - in a variety of roles. Please wait until we know what they are! Much as we'd love to hear from you, there's no point in sending us samples until we know what we're looking for.

contact [at] linguacomm [dot] com