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Speak with confidence.
Practice realistic English conversations
talk to supiki and supiki talks back
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Practice anytime, anywhere without embarrassment

bubblesDo you get anxious and nervous when trying to speak English?

Supiki is a friendly, patient, encouraging app that engages
you in spontaneous, realistic conversations. It never laughs
at you and never gets tired of talking with you.

Since you can take Supiki with you, you can practice anywhere 
and it just looks like you’re talking on your phone!

Have unscripted English conversations

bowtieReal conversation requires you to communicate ideas
quickly and spontaneously. “Listen and repeat” exercises
and memorization simply do not prepare you for that.

Talk with Supiki and it talks back. Change what you say and
watch what happens.

Engage in unscripted conversations every day with Supiki,
and you gain confidence expressing yourself in English.